One Dead, four injured as building collapsed on them

One Dead, four injured as building collapsed on them

The Pastor of Dunamis Church, Mission Ward North Bank in Makurdi, Benue State capital has reportedly died on Monday also ngside with other four members of the church when the church building collapsed.

Witnesses, said they were praying in the church when the incident happened. The pastor died while the other four sustained injuries after the building collapsed on them.

“As soon as we heard the sound of the collapse of the building, we rushed to the place in an attempt to rescue them, but it took us some minutes before we could rescue the victims.

‘Meanwhile, four people were injured and one person we later understand to be the pastor was found dead,”  although they could not mention the name of the pastor, but said that the pastor hailed from Kogi, but married to an Akwa Ibom woman.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Bartholomew Onyeka, confirmed the incident to journalists on Tuesday. He said, “Something like that happened, just one person died in the process.

“You know when debris falls on people like that, the immediate reaction is what happens to the victims. So, people who rushed there were able to rescue four people; unfortunately, one person died. The injured persons are responding to treatment in a hospital where they were taken to,” he added.

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