By Christabel Ibe

I got admission in Gregory University Uturu at 19, the school is located in Uturu, Isuikwuato L.G.A, Abia state, Nigeria. It is a private University named after pope Gregory 1. The school isn’t only big but it’s also clean and neat. There are a lot of classrooms, the classrooms are located in different colleges of the University. The classrooms are painted attractively with it’s pastel green paint covering the walls, and since it was light, it made the whole place to effulgent in beauty.

However, my lectures started early in the morning, so I have to wake up early, do the necessary things I have to and halfheartedly take my breakfast and leave for school. I did not think about this back then, but looking back, it was stressful and tiring. As a new student who just got admitted into a large environment called (University), locating offices and lecture halls were difficult, but fortunately to us, the school held an orientation program for new scholars to enable them know the school rules and regulations, know your lecturers, your school management officers as well as the do’s and don’t of the University. The orientation program helped the students a lot considering the fact that they are new and might not know their way around the University.

Studying in Gregory University Uturu is something anyone should think of. The University has a serene environment, conducive lecture halls, good and well equipped practical laboratories, science and engineering workshops, quality farm for Agricultural related scholars, even the best on-campus radio station Gregory 94.9fm for Mass Communication scholars and a commercial radio station Skills 87.7fm situated in a negbhouring town, Okigwe. The school even have Teaching Hospital for Medical scholars, I even learnt that GUTH is the first private University Teaching Hospital.


So I was 19 then and coming into such a big environment without life experiences was seriously challenging, which if you didn’t take time, you might find yourself falling victim of some certain things especially low grades and inability to socialize with your peers. I was not the sociable type but I needed to socialize and adapt to the new way of life and stage I found myself. I’m grateful to the management of Gregory University for their thoughtful scheme of study and occasional rollout activities that enlighten new students on what and how to live in campus. As a student of mass communication, you need to socialize even if you don’t want to. My first year in school, I didn’t have friends it was just my roommates and I, they were friendly, loving, jovial, and fun to be with, being with them always makes me happy, it’s good to build relationships with people and a lasting one at that.


In other words, life in GUU is different from the outside world, lot of experience, stories history and all that, it was not actually my dream to study mass communication, I was supposed to study Accounting or banking and finance but as God may have it, I ended up studying mass communication, I can’t really say if the course chose me but I can say God chose the course for me and at this point in my life I feel that I am doing the right thing, I mean, I didn’t get a chance to study Accounting or banking and finance but I feel that studying mass communication was not a bad idea because this is where I actually belong.

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